Enitharmon as Hecate (William Blake)

Enitharmon is a central figure in the mythology of the English radical poet William Blake. She is the personification of Eve, the Earth, Space, and Inspiration.

I am a writer and photographer, born in 1954. Once, a long time ago, I was a teacher of physics and maths (but I’m better now). I spent most of my working life in computing, starting in the printing industry and moving on to the backrooms of the City before earning a healthy crust as a freelance database analyst. I did it because it was what I did, but my real love was always writing.

Before I started school I made up stories. I even dabbled in poetry. I was terrified of anybody seeing it though. For years I kept them hidden, for fear of embarrassment, and played possum in school English lessons. It was only many years later that I tentatively posted a couple of my poems on the CIX conferencing system, and discovered to my horror that some people liked them! I don’t do poetry much these days, but I do do fiction, particularly crime fiction, and the occasional short essay giving my acerbic view of the world.

I first identified with Enitharmon several years ago, and I have adopted her as my patron and muse. Here in Enitharmon’s Cave, you will find a selection of my work.

This page has no connection with the Enitharmon Press.

3 Responses to “About Enitharmon’s Cave”

  1. Perdita Says:

    Shark is a pretty good piece, Rosalind. It’s imaginative, interesting, well-executed and clever. Well done girl!

  2. Conrad Says:

    Hello Rosie … I have wondered here from FT, a site I discovered in Decemeber and have become increasingly enthralled by since. I’m still working up the courage to post on Popular…

    Anyway, I did register recently (one step nearer posting!), but brilliantly had my password sent to my work e-mail. So, this weekend when I really wanted to post I couldn’t log on. Darn!

    Why did I want to post?

    Well, I read your piece on When I Need You and found it very moving, and having read the first couple of replies worried that it was going to be ignored. I needn’t have worried of course. (Actually “worried” is putting it too strongly but you know what I’m getting at, I hope)

    Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for sharing it.
    Best wishes


    ps I will be posting a little on Popular soon. we’re now hitting my era!

  3. Dave Cryer Says:


    Dave from TWI dropping in, having followed your link. Enjoyed visiting your blog, plus also discovered a link to the Bookwitch, which was also brilliant.

    Must start blogging again myself. Used to enjoy it so much, but work took over at the same time as Yahoo seemed to ditch their blogging community. Will get back to it soon and probably at WordPress too, as I’ve seen some real treasures here today and on previous visits.

    Tara for now,


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