Bowling along

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Did I mention that, owing to absences, I’ve been in the bowls team again a couple of times lately? Not with conspicuous success, mind. I’m in dire need of some practice.

Tonight I went out to Roose, to the Roose Conservative Working Men’s Club, to be precise (but that sounds a bit like the Turkeys’ Christmas Club to me) with a view to give support, mark cards and measure, but discovered on arrival that I was in the team. And I hadn’t got my woods with me.

I lost 21-9. I put this down to playing on a strange green (one with a hump like a dromedary, and which slowed down dramatically as the evening wore on) without a roll-up, and using somebody else’s woods. To blame the presence of evil in the shape of the Conservative Party would be to over-egg the pudding!


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