Health bulletin

Friday, 11 July 2008

The doc assured me – after a urine test – that I don’t have kidney problems and I’m not diabetic. I do, however, have an infection of the urinary tract (and it does seem a bit counterintuitive to me that this should cause aching in my lower back but I guess that’s where the tubes from the kidneys go). So I’m on antibiotics and instructions to take it easy.

Don’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed!


3 Responses to “Health bulletin”

  1. LyzzyBee Says:

    Cranberry juice – now, half-and-half dilute, for the future, a litre a week undilute. Get the no added sugar one. Sorts these things out better than anything.

    And yes, the near-kidney pain makes sense – these usually start in the bladder then work their way back up the tubes – so you caught it in time.

    Get well soon!

  2. Tom Says:

    Yes, cranberries are the way to go (and other berries help too). They are loaded with antioxidants and other nutrients that help the kidneys and urinary tracts heal. Even better than concentrate is getting raw cranberries and juicing them (although I can’t promise it will taste good) and opt for organic as conventional cranberries can be loaded with harmful pesticides.

    Check out my new health blog:

  3. enitharmon Says:

    Liz, that was a good excuse to look out for cranberry juice. One of the treats I looked forward to when going to the States in the 1980s was Ocean Spray Cranberry juice and especially Ocean Spray Cranapple. Now that you can get it in every British supermarket the sense of a treat to be looked forward to has gone but I still like it. Except that here it comes in a boring tetrapak instead of a useful glass jar.

    Tom: I don’t suppose you are reading this but I let your comment through as somewhat more helpful than most. The amount of spam generated by including the word “H**lth” in the header amazed even cynical old me.

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