Busy Day

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Have I been busy today!  I managed to evade doing any work for all but two hours.

First. I took the bus up to West Mount to roll some woods for half an hour before the Seniors match v Roose was on.  Then I sat around nattering while the match started.  Then I went home, did my laundry, had some lunch, went for a little run (6 ones-and-twoses, to ease myself back into it), had a shower, hung the laundry out to dry, and then resigned myself to two hours work before making my tea and going off to play bridge.

I need to get running again.  I had my annual blood tests yesterday and the practice nurse asked me my height and weight.  My height she accepted without quibble.  My weight, well, she didn’t believe it so she made me get on the scales.  It was not a pretty sight.  Also, I have hay fever at the moment.   I don’t know what pollen is the villain at this time but it’s one that doesn’t like me.


One Response to “Busy Day”

  1. LyzzyBee Says:

    SO pleased you’ve started running again! If you get wheezy, get neoclarityn hay fever pills from the doc – they have really taken the edge off mine.

    Did you see Jen and I have gone in for the Birmingham Half-Marathon? I don’t know how much of our LJs you get to read nowadays.

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