Didn’t we do well!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

West Mount Whitewash!

Tonight was my second outing for West Mount Ladies in the Evening League; this time a home match against Glaxo Smith Kline of Ulverston.

And I won my board 21-6! That’s me at the bottom (because I’m a new girl with no form) and it would have been a bit embarrassing to lose tonight and be the only one to do so, and spoil the whitewash! It’s never nice to see anybody go down like that but it’s mitigated by being a victory over Big Pharma.

Click on the photo for a bigger version.


3 Responses to “Didn’t we do well!”

  1. gingergeoff Says:

    Congrats Rosie!

    Don’t be too hard on GSK, Jackie used to work for them in Dartford, now she works for Patheon. Not big Pharma itself, but big enough I spose.

  2. Jen Says:

    Go Rosie!! Well done!

  3. ken mac Says:


    At first glance that scoreboard looks like some ancient stone with heiroglyphics! Nice pics, I have to read your comments. Most photo blogs are all about the photos — you are doing deeper. What kind of camera you using?

    Ken Mac

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