You’ve Got To Come Back A Star

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Strange forces are at work in the universe!

This evening I made my debut for West Mount Ladies Bowls Team. It’s the first time I’ve turned out for a team in an active sport since I played half a match for the school hockey team when I was sixteen (I think they were scraping the barrel on that occasion on account of illness.) Anyway, I played twelfth in the team of twelve in an away match against West Shore Ladies. And like Ruby Keeler in 42nd Street I was going out a youngster. Quite the baby of the team in fact.

In my match I was paired with a lady new to the West Shore club but who was clearly no slouch and although I lost it 21-10 I’m advised that this is entirely creditable for somebody who’s only been playing for three weeks, and to get double figures on your first outing is something to be very proud of.

They’re going to let me play again!


3 Responses to “You’ve Got To Come Back A Star”

  1. gingergeoff Says:

    Go Rosie!

    Do you find it more sociable than Bridge, or is there no difference? Bowls has always struck me as being quite relaxed once you’ve been accepted into the group.

  2. enitharmon Says:

    There’s bridge and bridge, of course. Thursday ‘numpty night’ bridge is perfectly sociable and bridge gives plenty of opportunities for conversation. On the other hand the standard isn’t all that high and can be frustrating. Monday night bridge attracts the better players, for which read obsessed players, some of whom may grunt at you when you arrive at their table but probably won’t stop their analysis of the previous hand. They are also likely to indulge in gamesmanship, sledging, and intimidation. Unfortunately you have to put up with the rude few to enjoy a more challenging game. And there are some very nice people amongst the best players.

    Bowls is more straightforward and less prone to gamesmanship, and the players are, as you say, very ready to accept new people. Also, I think I’m going to be rather good at it which makes a startling change for me on the sporting front. I am never going to play for the club, let alone the county, at bridge but I’ve already got a place in the bowls team.

  3. Gerald Says:

    I don’t know much about either game though learnt to play both in my youth – bridge was OK if not taken too seriously but most players do take it too seriously so I lost interest. Bowls was more interesting but my back wouldn’t allow it these days.

    Anyway following your comment on my pipes – how do you like this?

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