Ramblin’ Rosie: East of Windermere

Sunday, 18 May 2008


After a four week hiatus I was up early this morning, on a day that promised to be fresh, clear and bright, and ready for the Ramblers’ bus when it came round the corner.

A nice gentle one today, starting from Ings on the Kendal to Windermere road and working up the foothills above the lake. Avoiding the tacky excesses of Windermere town and (the horror! the horror!) Bowness, of course. Bowness, according to Howard Newby, is the price exacted for keeping tackiness out of the district!

This wasn’t a walk of rock and heather and sheep, it was a rolling progress of lush grass, cows, and rich bucolic odours. Not just the pong of the farmyard, though there was plenty of that, but also the heady aroma of ransoms, the wild garlic, in abundant flower at this time. There were also woods of alder and sessile oak with bluebells still plentiful in the undergrowth, and the odd private garden dazzling with azaleas. Oh, and lots of stiles. Never seen so many stiles! This could have been a walk in rural Berkshire in many ways, except that the view of the central massif of the district was always there to tantalise. Most of all at what may not be the grandest view in the district but is certainly the most famous – that from Orrest Head, over the full length of Windermere and taking in the Langdale Pikes and the Coniston Fells with Crinkle Crags and Bowfell between them, Scafell Pike peeping over the Three Tarns col, and even Great Gable in the distance.

And I’m fact to full fitness, it seems. There were a couple of short but trying climbs and I skipped up them like a young ‘un!


One Response to “Ramblin’ Rosie: East of Windermere”

  1. tvor Says:

    Ah and i recognize the pub in the last photo in the set! Nice pics! Great day for it!

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