Old Git Demonising Youth

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Junior Chavs on the Beach

Junior Chavs on the Beach

So, I go down to the beach to cool off in the sea breeze (what there is of it; its been a dead, heavy, muggy sort of day – right on cue there was a clap of thunder just then.) And I sit on the pebbles by the old outflow pipe from the defunct Walney Baths, and idly throw pebbles down the beach into empty space. There’s nobody in front of me, and I’m fascinated to see the way they ricochet off larger pebles in random ways, apparently gaining energy from nowhere as they do so.

And then I realise that pebbles are crashing around me. I look back. There’s two lads, and a girl right behind me (top picture), trying to look innocent. The girl in blue walking to the left came over at one point, gawped at me, and wandered back via her friends (lower picture) who were also deperately trying to look innocent. I ignored them. The pebbles began to crash around me again, and this time I knew which directions they were coming from. So I got the camera out. As you see, they were so innocent they were anxious not to be photographed; however, when I got up to track them they ran away and disappeared down the bank and into the nearby housing estate. I’m sure when I present the pictures to Walney School tomorrow, somebody will recognise them.

I don’t know if they habitually chuck stones at anybody on the beach, or only at hapless middle-aged women, or that they just took a dislike to me. Although I’d had no interaction with them previously. But even if they are identified nothing will be done. We are terrified these days of telling the thick and worthless that they are thick and worthless. They are just misunderstood. It’s all my fault for ‘demonising’ them!


One Response to “Old Git Demonising Youth”

  1. Bob Says:

    I understand how you feel, but I know that if it had me being a male pointing the camera at them I would have been accused of all sorts of nasty things. Know what I mean?

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