The rub of the green

Friday, 9 May 2008

And what have I been doing today? I’ve been playing bowls, that’s what! Inveigled into it by Joyce and Kath from the bridge club, who are nifty bowlers on the side. And not only that, I have the loan of a real old set of lignum vitae woods, family heirlooms of Joyce’s, until I decide whether to splash out on my own set of modern synthetic ‘woods’. They are lovely objects – I thought proper old wooden woods had all been snapped up for the valuable wood, for turning!

Up here in Barrow we play proper bowls, on a crown green, none of your namby-pamby southern/Y*rksh*re lane bowls! Here we use the whole green, which has its own bias to be accounted for as well as the bias in the wood. Many pubs here still have their bowling greens, which in less enlightened places have been sold off for development.

Anyway, I enjoyed myself and though I was a bit wayward, and had trouble with length (I tend to go far too long, and when I try to compensate I go pathetically short), I did win a couple of ends on merit, which was nice! Kath reckons I’m going to be unbeatable on heavy greens, when I can just play a long game from corner to corner!


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