The Rattle Bag

Thursday, 8 May 2008

I’m rattling again. I finally got to see the doc this morning and came home with lots more pills – prednisolone again, they’re nicely rattly, and a different kindo of antibiotic because the amoxycillin I got from the hospital didn’t do the job properly.

Have I mentioned that I’m falling apart? It’s nearly three weeks now since I started to struggle on the ramble up from Dufton, and that was the early warning. It turned into a cold (or the symptoms of a cold) and then into a chest infection, and that landed me in A&E with a bad asthma attack. I told you about that bit, I think. The doc on duty gave me heavy-duty amoxycillin but no steroids (steroids work in these crises, and I hate inconsistency of treatment but of course Doctor Knows Best and will brook no argument, especially when Doctor is a junior stuck on A&E on a Saturday afternoon.) A few days later I was having a cup of tea as I worked when I was doubled up with excruciating cramps in the tummy. That passed, but I was still having regular coughing fits at various times, sometimes in the middle of the night. Last Saturday after one of these bouts I felt dizzy, and fell over as walked to the kitchen. And the coughing got worse as the course of amoxycillin ran out.

So, today I finally got to see my GP. My proper GP, I mean. The one who is a woman, who knows me and understands me and is consistent with my treatment. The surgery has one of those batty schemes where you can’t either book in advance or just walk in and see your GP; it’s like booking as squash court used to be at the Richmond Town Club years ago – you have to be on the phone on the stroke of 9am (for that afternoon) or 4pm (for the following morning), and if you miss the slot you either have to give up until the next opportunity or see somebody who doesn’t know you and, by the nature of the scheme, is not one that others particularly want to see.

So, I’ve been supplied with tried and tested solutions and advised that with a bit of luck I might try running again.

Meanwhile, I’m still gamely struggling along on my own. I do wish I had somebody to look after me when I’m like this.


One Response to “The Rattle Bag”

  1. tvor Says:

    Somewhere i think i heard that coffee can be helpful with an Asthma attack. I’m not sure, and i’m sure it wouldn’t help with a bad one and all it might end up doing is keeping you awake.

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