Paradigm Shift?

Wednesday, 7 May 2008


The cheek of it! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this poster, and when I’d rubbed them a bit I was angry.

Maize? MAIZE? Maize is an ADULTERANT in beer! Beer is made from three ingredients – malted barley, water and hops. Ok, four, because yeast is required although more yeast comes out of the process than goes in (it’s why we have Marmite, innit!) But maize is a crime – literally I believe, in the Isle of Man and in Germany (although I think the mega-conglomerates have corrupted Germany these days.)

Maize goes in because it’s cheap and increases the profit margin, but doesn’t have the body or the flavour the comes from more expensive malted barley. And here we have the mega-conglomerate pulling a fast one on a gullible public, making out that there’s something pure and natural about adulterants.

One great mystery to me is why anybody would want to drink Stella Artois anyway. Out of all the wonderful beers that come from Belgium, Stella is pisswater, a national disgrace. And Britain produces fine beers of its own, although you wouldn’t think so looking at the clone bars that infest out twons these days. Would somebody like to explain to this bear of very little brain?


One Response to “Paradigm Shift?”

  1. neil h Says:

    It always annoyed me that they would advertise by boasting about how expensive it was, when you could get much better beers for less. Oh, and the most popular beer in Liberty City is called PiBwasser … 🙂

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