Stuffed Tory Leader at the Last Resort Café

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Cllr Michael Stephenson

The stupid people may have spoken (and nowhere more stupidly than in London), but there are glimmers of light amidst the gloom and despair. Here, for example, is a happy man with much to be happy about. Michael Stephenson, owner of the Last Resort Coffee Shop in Cavendish Street (and thus host to Barrow’s Official Bookcrossing Zone) stood in the council elections as part of an Anti-Academy Alliance, and took the scalp of the smug, condescending Bill Joughin, erstwhile Tory Leader of the Council and friend of property speculators.

Well done Michael, you were already an asset to Barrow and now you will be even more so. (He does a mean Mocha too!)

(You may have formed an impression that I don’t like Tories. This is unfair – fried in a little bacon fat and served with scrambled egg and anchovies they can be surprisingly tasty.)


One Response to “Stuffed Tory Leader at the Last Resort Café”

  1. Peter Says:

    Tories are so greasy you don’t need any fat to fry them.

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