Vote voter vote!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

When I’ve finished this mug of coffee I’m going off to vote.

For once in my life I seriously wish there was a “none of the above” option on the ballot paper, and I can’t ever remember when I felt less enthusiasm about an election, but I’m going to vote anyway.

I like voting. The first time I voted (in a Hertfordshire County Council election in 1973, in the Welwyn Garden City West division. I voted for Mr Charles Stone (Labour)) it was a rite of passage and my heard was pounding as I marked my cross with the stubby black pencil on a string, folded the paper reverently and pushed it in the box, hoping I’d got it right and hadn’t helped a Tory. The voting process hasn’t changed in thirty-five years and it’s no worse for that – it’s simple, it’s all but incorruptible (one knows that at the count every paper will be scrutinised minutely by the interested parties) and it’s immune from electronica disease.

One reason for my lack of enthusiasm is that I have only two candidate to choose from – one Labour and one Independent, who seems to represent a closet accommodation between the Tories and the BNP (not that I can tell the difference these days.) I was supposed to have been working for a Liberal Democrat candidate in another ward, but I seem to have been dropped like a hot brick: I haven’t heard from Dom or Barry since March and I’m blowed if I’m going chasing after them. If they think they don’t need all the help they can get, then stuff ’em.


One Response to “Vote voter vote!”

  1. Liz Says:

    I’ve had the same feeling and had LOADS of choices…

    Lib Dem – current holder – currently suspended from the council for breaking into a disused Victorian building and filming its state of repair (fine) and putting it on YouTube (embarassing)

    Green – lives outside ward

    Respect – radical priest (eh?) who lives and works outside ward


    nuff said on them

    Labour – I still don’t agree with what Brown did to us low earners – but she lives in the area and has been active in the community for years, so I think she seems committed to helping the area. Hm.

    Matthew voted without much protest, so that’s a triumph of sorts!

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