On the Road

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Followers of my other blog Pie ‘n’ Mushies will recall that I caught what looked like a giant spare tyre being unloaded in the dock.


This morning the same (I assume) object was creating merry chaos in the Michaelson Road/Bridge Road area of Barrow Island as it made its way on a low loader from the dockside to the assembly shop, shrouded in a giant binliner.


It’s not the biggest thing ever to have been transported of course – a couple of years ago the conning tower of HMS Astute made a trip from the assembly shop to the DDH – but they still make a mess when negotiating the Coffee House and/or Walney Bridge roundabouts.

Now, in the grand old days of the shipyard this wouldn’t have been necessary. See where all those cars are parked in front of the blue windows? That used to be railway lines, used for shifting all sorts of stuff about the shipyard/docks/ironworks when I was little.

In the Balance

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

My kitchen scales are knackered, so I need a replacement.

What I want is a good old fashioned set of scales and weights, driven by the immutable laws of physics and not requiring any additional input of energy

All I can find in the shops are cheap and nasty spring-driven things, whose springs can be guaranteed to fail within a year or so if my exerience is anything to go by. Alternatively there are loads of electronic balances, which are basically the same thing except that they have a low-cost LCD digital display to give the thing a bit of twenty-first century cachet and a reason for being given a higher profit margin.

With a proper pan balance, of course, you can do things you can’t do with a spring balance. The best bit is being able to weigh out the ingredients for your Victoria sponge by placing your eggs in one pan and balancing everything else against them. That way you get your proportions just right!

Anybody know where I can get one?