Coffee time

Wednesday, 23 April 2008


This morning I ground the last spoonful of Bruzzi beans and cooked them up in the Moka – simply the best way to make coffee, by the way. Ask any Italian mamma! So it’s time to catch the train to Lancaster again, and enjoy the delights of my favourite coffee and tea shop.

I had a chat with the proprietor because it’s that kind of place, and rather than my usual half kilo of Bruzzi beans I when for 250 g of Bruzzi and 250 g of the New Guinea ‘Y’ that was commended to me. We shall see. Also, because I’ve been right out of tea, I got myself some of the excellent Nilgiri BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe).

And as it’s Lancaster it’s the chance to pick up stuff from the Single Step Wholefood Cooperative

Single Step

Also, it was a nice sunny day and no more excuse is needed to visit Cuthbert the Clown.

Cuthbert the Clown

Cuthbert runs a nice little children’s toy emporium, but it’s not that I’m going for. Cuthbert also happens to sell the best ice cream in the known universe, made locally from the cream of Lune Valley cows.

Usually when I visit Lancaster I have a beer and a bite to eat at Ye Olde John of Gaunt, but I didn’t have time today. Maybe it’s just as well, as I was alarmed to see this in the window,,,


I’m not reassured – would you be? If there’s nothing to worry about in this most excellent of city-centre pubs anywhere, why put up a notice like that? And the right and proper person to be in charge of an English pub is a guv’nor, not a “designated premises supervisor”, whatever that might mean. I fear the worst; the bean-counters have struck at another priceless institution.


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