Tuesday, 22 April 2008

It’s bin day tomorrow and I’ve just taken out my offering for the week. I barely managed to half-fill a bin bag as usual, so I feel a bit embarrassed about it. Most of my food waste and excess cardboard goes into the wormery, and paper, empty tins and bottles go in the recycling box, which only goes out every other week. I don’t waste much food, so what goes to the worms is mostly stalks and peelings, and sometime bread if it’s been hanging about a bit. Collecting my non-recyclables every week seems a bit excessive to me and every other week, alternating withe recyclables, suits me fine.

So I have limited sympathy for Mr Gareth Corkhill, of Whitehaven, now faced with a fine and a criminal record after refusing to pay a fixed-penalty notice for overfilling his bin. Note that, as so often in cases of Little England outrage, Mr Corkhill is not being penalised for overfilling his bin, it’s for taking the piss out of the court system by ignoring the fine.

Mr Corkhill knows the rules. He should also know by now not to be so wasteful – he wouldn’t be happy, I’m sure, if Copeland council were to open a new landfill site in newly chichi Whitehaven to relieve pressure on existing ones. And overflowing wheelie bins are a social menace, especially in hot weather.

Sorry, but making a difference means that we are all going to be inconvenienced a bit, but we’ve behaved like slobs for far too long and now the world is paying for it.