Good evening…

Saturday, 19 April 2008

My name is Rosie and I like old Broadway show tunes. I adore retro jazz. Harry Warren makes me wobbly. I’m ardent for Arlen, begging for Mercer.

Yes, I’m desperately uncool. Want of make something of it?

Like any other teenager I rebelled against my parents’ music. But that from my grandparents’ era, that’s different. Is there a tradition of skipping generations like this? Or am I just swimming against the tide? I know a lot of people young enough to be my grandchildren get a big kick out of the Doors and the Velvets, and I in my turn can enjoy Muse or Travis (but not really Coldplay, or Radiohead, or any form of hip-hop)


One Response to “Good evening…”

  1. neil h Says:

    My 17 year old daughter is a big fan of the Beatles, and my 11 year old son listens to Hendrix, Led Zep and the like.

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