A Pong in the Air

Saturday, 19 April 2008

For several days a sharp easterly wind has kept us in our winter woolies. This seems to be covering the whole country.

From down in the barbarian regions south of the Manchester Ship Canal come reports of a rich agricultural aroma in the air. We haven’t had it here, but maybe it’s just been overwhelmed by the smell of sheep. The is being blamed on the usual culprits, the pesky Dutch, Belgians, Germans, and of course the uncouth French.

Seems to me that this is a bit like farting and then putting the blame on thise around you. Of course, there’s never any muck-spreading on the arable prairies of eastern England at this time of year, is there?


One Response to “A Pong in the Air”

  1. Apparently the Germans have come clean (ha!) and admitted it’s them. Apparently all the German farmers started spreading pig muck on their fields at the same time as they’ve had to delay due to inclement weather. I think I saw it on the BBC site. Not that I noticed it. I can put put with most manure smells, being a country girl; the only one that I really can’t stand is chickens’ muck!

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