Fish and Chips: Andy’s of Walney

Friday, 18 April 2008


If there’s one thing yer average Barrovian likes almost as much as meat and potato pies, it’s haddock and chips.

There’s a lot of chippies in Barrow and, as with the pie shops, everybody has a favourite. I tried to use Google to get some comparison, but all I could get is lists without comment. So, here is the first in an occasional series which may or may not help others to find the perfect fish and chips.

I’ve started with the only one I know – Andy’s on Walney. When I first moved here it was the nearest, and the quality of the food as good as I’ve had anywhere, so even now that it’s a bit of a trip I still use that one. It presses all my buttons – there’s almost always a long queue so even the haddock, the default fish in these parts, is fresh from the fryer by the time you get to the head of it. The batter is crisp and succulent, never overpowering, and the chips are golden and never greasy. It’s still too cold (rather a bitter easterly, actually) to take it to the beach and eat it out of the paper while sitting on the pebbles, but Andy’s is perfectly placed for those balmy summer evenings. They do deliver, and the shop is always busy in the evenings with orders being made up.

Andy’s is at 1 Hastings Street, Walney, but actually has its front on Euryalus Street.

Naturally, I’m happy to link to reports of good chippies wherever they are.


4 Responses to “Fish and Chips: Andy’s of Walney”

  1. just had cornflakes for my supper and now after seeing this I’m hungry again.

    if you ever get down this way the place to go is Bosun’s

  2. enitharmon Says:

    Do you know, I think I may have been to Bosun’s once!

    I certainly had some very good fish and chips from a very busy chippy in Hyde, but it was a long time ago.

  3. tvor Says:

    Oh God that looks good!!! *drool*

  4. You’ve done it once again! Amazing writing.

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