Rosie’s Rambles: Duddon Bridge to Kirksanton

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Haverigg Harbour

It was a lovely day, the hills were clear (still some snow on the highest tops, Old Man and upwards), the wind still, the sun shining with just the threat of occasional light showers. And because it was a High Tea walk (ending in a meal rather than just a quick pub trip) and this was to be at the Bankfield House Hotel at Kirksanton on the seaward side of Millom, the C party were doing a coastal walk while the B and A parties were going over Black Combe by different routes to enjoy the view. What a wonderful opportunity to try a B walk!

Oh, disaster! I just about managed the slog up to Thwaite Fell but that took all my wind and there was worse to come very soon and they weren’t going to wait while I had breathers (as I would if I were on my own, which is how I do it), So I dropped down again and headed for the Cumbria Coastal Way and Green Road Station, where I hoped to pick up the trail of the C Party who were starting much further along. It was one o’clock when I got to Green Road station and there was no hope, it seemed, of catching up so I just pressed on, at a fair rate on the flat and cursing my general uselessness as a human being that prevented me keeping up on the slopes with perfectly ordinary people, many of them significantly older than me.

I followed the C walk, more or less, except that I went into Millom instead of looping to the south to avoid it, and going round Hodbarrow Lake the short, and landward, side rather than the long way round into the estuary. I kept up such a good pace, in fact, that on the final leg between Haverigg and Kirksanton I saw the C party ahead of me and thought I might catch up. Unfortunately the last stage was qute muddy and rough so I sloweed down and stopped trying, this missing catching up before the Bankfield by no more than five minutes.

The meal was, well, as such things are but a good social occasion. And all in all it was a lovely spring day, and I had a good walk even if it was unfortunate once again not to have the companionship.


One Response to “Rosie’s Rambles: Duddon Bridge to Kirksanton”

  1. There is obviously a lot to learn. There are some good points here.

    Robert Shumake Fifth Third

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