Another step on the road to perdition

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

I suppose it’s a kind of admission of something when you sign up for U3A (the University of the Third Age). Several people including, I’m afraid to say, my mother, have suggested it as something that would appeal and keep me out of mischief. So I was out early this morning to catch the bus to Ulverston (why do these things always have to be in Ulverston, a town with one sixth of the population of Barrow?). I was amazed how crowded it was, and gratified by the number of familiar faces; folks from the Bridge Club, the Ramblers, the Writers Group and the Quakers all gathered together. This was the monthly general meeting – a talk by the skipper of Ulverston Inshore Rescue as it happens; a voluntary body with responsibility for rescues on the notoriously treacherous Morecambe Bay (and yes, they were involved in the hunt for the tragic Chinese cocklers, whose bodies were drifing around the bay withe the current)

I think I’ll stick around for a while anyway. I’m considering which specialist groups to join and I haven’t decided yet. But it is distressing that I’m turning more and more into my mother. My dotage beckons.

Incidentally, I’m somewhat disappointed to learn that the British branch of the U3A movement has broken away from the original French concept of an essentially academic organisation associated with a university. How typical of this crass country, with its institutionalised contempt for matters of the intellect.


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