Do come in!

Friday, 21 March 2008

Livejournal strikers are more than welcome to join me this Good Friday.

There will be no navel-contemplation, but there will be hot cross buns, which I baked yesterday. At least, they have no crosses on them because I couldn’t be arsed, and they aren’t hot any more, but they are made without the chemical additives you’ll find in all bought buns, and they are made with real butter, real eggs, real cinnamon and nutmeg, and extra fruit over and above the amount called for in the recipe.

Because I was out playing Bridge last night (don’t ask!) quite a few have survived until this morning, but they are very moreish and you’ll have to hurry. Naturally, they are served with a choice of Brazilian Bruzzi fairtrade coffee made from freshly-ground beans, and Nilgiri BOP tea made with proper leaves in a proper teapot (and served in a mug – bone china makes the tea go cold and the portions are too small)

So, come as you are, we’ll have some fun, hey!


One Response to “Do come in!”

  1. Happy Easter!

    I’m attempting to pour my blogging needs into working on my Fourth Draft instead. I want to write 10000 words this weekend, with a target of at least 2500 words each day of this long weekend. If I get there, I shall be within striking distance of halfway, at last!

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